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Commercial Fishing Nets

Whether you’re looking for custom made fishing nets or the net making materials you need to create your own, Johnston Net & Twine has it all. For starters, we can custom make a wide variety of gill nets to meet your needs. We offer both monofilament and multifilament gill nets.

We also make knotless and knotted seine nets, trammel nets, flag nets and hoop nets. We stock a wide supply of netting and floats to make nets to your exact specifications. You’ve come to the right place for net making supplies, either to repair a net or to make your own.

Whether it’s netting, needles and twine, floats, leads or hoop net supplies, you’ll find it here in our fish netting supplies section. Shop with Johnston Net & Twine, and stock up on all the high quality fish netting and net making supplies you need!

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